Showcase 1: English 英文 - Digital Story Writing 数码写作

The use of Pages, that incorporates text, images and video clips.
Sample: Storyboard by Looi Wei Chern S1-03

Showcase 2: Higher Chinese 高级华文 - 先锋101的高华殿堂

The use of Blog and Video clip to learn the Evolution of Chinese Characters.
Sample: Lesson for S1-01 by Ms Ooi Ching Ya

Showcase 3: ADMT 美术、设计、媒体与科技- Design Principles 设计原则

The use of iMovie and Blog to illustrate understanding of what constitutes to bad design.
Sample: Hardy Sein's ADMT blog S1-09

Showcase 4: Humanities Geography 人文地理 - eJournal 电子课本

The use of Pages, together with images and video clips to create a digital journal.
Sample: Loh Cheng Ngee's eJournal S1-01

Showcase 5: Humanities History 人文历史 - Points of View 分享观点

Innovative use of GoogleSpreadsheet to share points of view.
Sample: S1-04 Lesson Activity

Showcase 6: Mathematics 数学 - Characteristics of Charts 图表特点

The use of Wall Wisher to organise ideas and construct knowledge.
Sample: S1-04's Maths Lesson by Mr Edmund Ng

Showcase 7: Mathematics 数学 - Story Marathon 故事马拉松

The use of blog to carry out story marathon check understanding of mathematical concepts.
Sample: S1-01's Maths Learning Activity by Ms Loh Kwai Yin

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